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A New View on Nutrition...

NuVu Life provides you with a new view on nutrition.

As you age many things change including your nutritional requirements.

A new view is needed to ensure that these requirements are met. 

Our formulations combine industry-led expertise with a passion for high-quality ingredients.

Why choose the Liqui-Life Shake?

High in Protein

High in Protein

High in Protein

Dependent on flavour, there is between 17g to 22g of protein per 50g sachet. 

When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one of our nutrition shakes will provide from 23.8- 28.8g of protein.  

Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and aiding weight gain.


High in Protein

High in Protein

Dependent on flavour, each of our 50g sachets will contain 234 - 269 kcal. 

When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one shake will provide from 364 - 399 kcal. 

Calories are essential for weight gain and drinking nutrition shakes between meals is an excellent way to boost intake. 

Low Sugar

High in Protein

High in Vitamins

There is less than 5g of sugar in each 50g sachet, making it suitable for many people who suffer from Diabetes.
Please note, this is dependent on the individual's Diabetic status and you should seek advice from a health professional if you are unsure. 

High in Vitamins

High in Vitamins

High in Vitamins

One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of vitamin and supplements: A, D3, K1, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. 

High in Minerals

High in Vitamins

High in Minerals

One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of minerals: selenium, magnesium, zinc and iron. 


High in Vitamins

High in Minerals

Our nutrition shakes taste great When mixed with cold milk they are refreshingly thick and creamy. Alternatively, many customers heat up their chocolate shakes to make a lovely hot chocolate.

How to Make the Liqui-Life Shake

Nutrition Shakes for Healthy Weight Gain

Open it up!

Cut the pack where indicated with a pair of scissors. 

Alternatively, you can tear the sachet at the marked corner.    

Nutrition Shakes for Healthy Weight Gain

Shake it up!

Use a blender or a drink shaker, pour 

the contents of the sachet into 200ml 

of water or whole milk.


Drink it up!

After shaking until all the powder has 

dissolved pour the drink in a glass

Enjoy your Liqui-Life Shake!

Who is the Liqui-Life Shake for?

Under weight?

Recovering from illness?

Struggle to swallow?


In the UK, BAPEN estimates that 1.3 million people over the age of 65 suffer from malnutrition. 

BAPEN suggest that malnutrition within care homes is prevalent – an average of 35% of residents have a MUST score of 1 or 2. 

Better nutrition and hydration care for individuals at risk can result in a better quality of life for that person 

Struggle to swallow?

Recovering from illness?

Struggle to swallow?


If you or a loved one suffers from dysphagia, the Liqui-Life shake is an excellent way to ensure that your body is getting the micronutrients (vitamin and supplements) that your body needs. 

On the IDDSI framework (The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation), when mixed with 200 ml of whole milk, the Liqui-Life Shake scores a 3. This translates as moderately thick in consistency, making it easier for people with swallowing difficulties to consume. 

Recovering from illness?

Recovering from illness?

Recovering from illness?


Whether you are pre-op or post-op or recovering from an illness, your body must be provided with the nutrients that it needs to protect, repair and aid recovery.

Often, people that have been discharged from hospital require more nourishment than they once did to get them back on their feet again. The Liqui-Life shake is a great way to boost calorie intake between meals. 

The Liqui-Life Shake in a Care Setting





Caring for people who have a high MUST score (are concerned about how to gain weight ) and/or dysphagia. 





Convenient single-serve sachets that are easy and quick to make. 





Consistent nutrition - full of nutrients providing the most vulnerable with the nourishment that they need.

NuVu Life: From a Doctor's Perspective

"As a doctor working in General Practice and Out of Hours, I regularly see older or frail patients who suffer the side effects of poor nutrition. This is not because their nutritional status has not been assessed and they or their carers aren’t trying to consume the right foods, but because their general health means that their diet is restricted or they simply cannot eat enough food for their needs.

Low intake of calories for energy, protein for muscle strength and essential minerals for wound healing and fighting infections, means that these patients are at increased risk of developing these illnesses and or struggling to recover properly. 

From my research, I know that NuVu Life provides an excellent balance of nutrients to keep people well, resist illness and to aid recovery when they are unwell - and most importantly it's tasty and small volumes which means it can be consumed easily."


Dr Russell Muirhead MB ChB MRCGP

Urgent Care GP and Clinical Governance Lead


NuVu Life: From a Nutritionist's Perspective

"NuVu's Liqui-Life Shake is an ideal daily option for a nutrient-packed breakfast, snack and/or post-activity drink to fuel/refuel the mind and body.

It is high in quality protein, slow-release carbohydrate for cognitive and physical function and essential fatty acids to support optimal health via hormonal transport, neural transmission, cell renewal and cell integrity.

Additionally, the Liqui-Life shake can contribute to aiding hydration from the fluid intake and electrolytes naturally occurring in milk and further enhanced within NuVu's nutrition via the expert formulation."


Natalie Rouse, Nutritional Scientist & Performance Nutritionist BSc MRes ANutr



Thanks to NuVu Life

"After being in the hospital for seven weeks, having a major operation as well as having cancer. I came home having lost 1 1/2 stones, my clothes hung off me and I was extremely weak. I could hardly walk and relied on my husband and son to help me get about and get meals for me. 

My son was recommended NuVu Life shakes to help build me up, they have helped me a lot and I also enjoy them. 

I am now feeling much better and continues to take them. "


Margaret Cornes 

"If you or someone you know struggles with how to gain weight, then you should consider trying what NuVu Life has to offer.  When used alongside a 'Food First' approach, NuVu's nutrition shakes are a great way to help care for someone on a high MUST score."


Sophie Murray 

Nutritional Therapist 

Head of Nutrition & Hydration for Sunrise Senior Living 


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